Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Sensory Flip Book

This post

inspired an activity idea.

Tomorrow I get to go on a home visit and work with a student, her mom and teacher and we're making a small flip book related to the sensory experiences associated with Thanksgiving.

  • Crunchy corn on the cob (a sticky wall cling and bits of horse corn from my DH's feed bin)
  • Pilgrim hat (soft black felt pieces to make the hat, and shiny foil trim)
  • Pumpkin pie (clip art and lots of cinnamon), and
  • Turkey feathers (colorful, tacky feathers glued on to a little turkey.
The hard-working teacher for students with intellectual disabilities will have gobs of pictures of the items we're using and will have set up the student's school-loaned device to give her lots of opportunities to choose which materials will be used.

The cards that will comprise the book are started, but unfinished so the student can complete the project within a short time frame.

Clip art pumpkin pie slice with cinnamon glued on top.  Student will add cloves to make it smell even better.

Gummy window cling, outlined for better viewing since the paper background is light yellow, like the corn.

Extra fall-themed gummies, just for fun.  I ended up outlining them with a black magic marker, like the ear of corn.

Why so shiny?  Well, the gummies stick very well to the background paper.  And, without the layer of clear plastic film on top, they will stick to their neighbors, too!

11-21-2016 Update:  The high schoolers with autism made turkeys with feathers, spicy pie and ears of cornthis morning:

My SLP buddy and I saw a range of approaches to adding the sensory features to the drawn pictures--ease with touching spices vs. avoidance, interest in sniffing the spices vs. turning their faces away, knowledge of how to untwist the tight glue bottles vs. cluelessness.  What a great activity for speech-language as well as fine motor and sensory opportunities.

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