Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Refining Grasp and Pinch

Yes, picking ticks helps with refining pinch AND is a functional skill.*

More ideas from our September Fine Motor Share Fair:
Refining grasp/pinch:
  • Placing stickers on a vertical surface to spell a name
  • Using strawberry huller to pick up items
  • Paperclip activities
  • Placing beads on pipe cleaners (one of our therapists created a spider from pompoms and pipe cleaners, then decorated the "legs" with small beads.
  • Using craft stamps
  • Placing small items into slit in tennis ball
  • Dexterity Junior (iPad app)
  • Inserting short straws into spice jar openings
  • Pool noodle--cut into 2” thick rings and place in baking pan like cinnamon buns.  Insert pom pom or other small object into holes, then use long tweezers to remove the objects.
  • Eraser sandwiches (holiday mini erasers are the bread, poster tack is the filling)

*Just be sure to wear gloves or thoroughly wash your hands afterwards!!!

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