Monday, October 24, 2016

Back to the Tried and True--Oral Fidgets

Oral fidgets for students in middle and high school are pretty difficult to find, I think.  There is the cool jewelry that is commercially available and that works for many students, and it's wonderful when parents purchase it and send it along to school.  However, not many parents can afford to buy it and it's pretty easy to misplace during the busy school day.

Therapist-made fidgets can be chancy--is it safe for oral use?  Will the student possibly swallow the small parts or little sections that they may bite off the main piece?  Some students chomp down so vigorously on any chewy, even ones purchased from reliable therapy product vendors, that replacements are frequently needed.  It all gets pretty expensive for school budgets, kind-hearted teachers and parents who pay, pay, pay out of pocket to get students what they need.

So, let's try using the tried-and-true clear vinyl tubing to create some disposable, light-use chewies.  It's lead free, all vinyl and each roll only costs about $5.  When cut with a heavy-duty scissors the ends feel smooth and I can use a piece of ribbon or even a short section of tubing to secure it in a bracelet shape.  I have a middle school student who likes to feel crayons, pencils, markers on his lips and just inside his mouth and is very aware of not swallowing non-food items--we'll have a go at it and see if the tubing will satisfy his need for oral fidgets.  Close supervision is a must!


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