Monday, September 28, 2015

Stuff to Chew

Last week I was asked to talk with a Kindergarten teacher who has a student chewing her clothes and anything else she can find.  This is not a "one idea fits all" situation but it's been quite a while since I looked at commercial products for safe chewing and thought I should refresh my knowledge, in case a durable, chewy item might be useful.

Here are some lists of potential products:

I haven't tested any of the products shown in the links, above.  Use your professional judgment when discussing the pros/cons of chewable items with school staff and parents.  Remove necklace-type chewables before recess, physical ed and dismissal to home--whenever you can't directly observe the student.

Update:  2-25-2016  One of my middle school teachers reported that using a "necklace" made from a continuous ring of t-shirt material has satisfied the chewing needs of one of her students.  The student could not stop chewing the necklines of her clothes--practically all day long--but has been satisfied with a trial of wearing a "necklace" made of fabric; it's always handy to chew on when she feels the need.

This student is always directly supervised, especially when she wears the t-shirt necklace.  She only wears it in the classroom--not on the bus, in PE or outside.

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