Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Perfect Fidget Toy for OTs at Work

Finally made myself veer off course on the drive between schools and spent my rare lunch break looking for the perfect fidget toy for students and us OTs...

Kinetic Sand! (I ended up buying Sands Alive! at 5-Below because the quantity was greater than the other brands.)  It feels soooo soft and doesn't make a mess.  I originally learned about it last year when one of my 3rd graders quietly played with it in her general education class to keep herself calm during tests/quizzes.  Her smart mom had seen it at Brookstone and sent in a small portion in a little plastic container.

Back in the office this afternoon I sent a quick message to one of my OT buddies, who has small kiddos at home:

We OTs don't need much to brighten our days.

Thx, Fiona, for the inspiration for this post!  All about Fiona, my work buddy:

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