Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Painting Winter Scenes

Well, maybe copying winter scenes.  Students were asked to draw winter scenes or snowy scenes and two large prints were posted on the dry erase board for their inspiration.  Unfortunately, those images were a little too complex for most of the students so they ended up imitating or copying the artistically-challenged OT's design of a house with a fence and trees nearby.

I was curious how students would grasp the paintbrushes, since their pencil grasps are quite unique.  Sure enough, even placing the paper on a vertical surface didn't promote a thumb to two-finger grasp unless the student was already comfortable using that more mature grasp.  However, their control of the paintbrush was good.

We worked with two students at a time.  Funny thing how their pictures ended up so similar...

No, not two watches.  One of the bands is a locator in case the student becomes lost.

The SLP reined in my natural tendency to hand all the supplies to the students before they asked for anything.  A very good opportunity for us to reinforce polite requests and correctly identifying materials used in the activity. 

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