Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Deep Blue Sea

It was supposed to be really cool.  Baking soda, cornstarch, washable paint and a little water.   Just mix it up together, it directed on the website.  It'll look really cool, they said. Well, I fell for it. 
It mixed up like "gak."  That was okay, but the color looked a little weak.  So, I added a little more paint.  That made it look marbleized, but once I stirred it there was that weak, pasty color again.  And, it was clumpy.  Sigh.  All the staff said nice things, "Oh, what a pretty light blue..."  I knew better, sigh.  We hurriedly used magic markers to add whimsical sea creatures, to make the non-deep blue sea look better.  Ugh.
 Clearly, not my finest hour.  If you're working with students who have visual impairments or limited attention to task, like the four students in this elementary classroom for students with significant intellectual disabilities, pastels are not the way to go.  Sigh.

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