Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Butterfly

I think I've got the names and order right---the students know the stages better than I do, since they've been studying the life cycle of the butterfly for some time now. 
When I received my flyer from Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond this weekend I knew I'd be able to utilize those gorgeous photos of the butterfly show at the gardens. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
Students cut out photos from the flyer, pasted them onto pieces of construction paper, chose descriptive words to identify the photos and wrote those on pieces of paper, then we played our favorite memory/lotto game with the pairs.

 To make it more challenging for their fine motor skills, the students slipped the pairs into sentence strip holders.
 One adult and one student held the sentence strip board while the second student looked for a matching pair.  Things got a little wobbly once in a while.
When we finished, we hid the pairs again and left the game at the butterfly center in the classroom.

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