Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baking Adaptation

Homemade sugar cookies make great gifts for family and friends, but beating the batter when you add the last cup or so of flour makes for quite an UE workout.
I often use my newer serving spoons for stirring the batter, but their cheap metal handles often bend with the force required to plow through the mixture.  My older spoons are untiring soldiers and never bend, but their handles are skinny and slip around in my hand when I'm working hard to mix the thick batter.
What to do?  Do what I use in schools to aid students in grasping their feeding utensils--wrap a paper towel or clean kitchen rag around the handle and secure the temporary aid with a rubber band.  You can see that I folded my paper towel too wide and needed to push it up away from the bowl of the spoon.  However, it worked great and made the stirring easy.
I did remove the contraption before I gave the leftovers on the spoon and in the bowl to dear hubby to enjoy.

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