Saturday, August 23, 2008

Woe The Desk

Woe the desk. It can be a dark cave of unknown dangers, or a treasure of easily found books and folders. Many of our students start off the school year with good intentions to keep their desks organized, but poor spatial skills, difficulties with planning and recurrent distractibility make the best intentions go by the wayside in the rush of daily life in the classroom.

Many students benefit from a regular cleaning of their desks and visual reminders about "where things go." Try this "social" story/agreement with a target student this fall and see how it works:

"My desk looks neat and organized. In the morning I make sure I have everything in the right place. I look at the tiny signs in my desk to make sure I have put everything in the correct spot.

In the morning I make sure I have two pencils which are sharpened and ready to write. I don't want to get up and sharpen pencils during class because it's nosiy and takes away from my work time.
When I keep my desk neat and organized then I know I wlll be able to find my folders and papers quickly, and I will know where everything is. When I keep my things organized, I will have more time to finish my work at school.


Student's name and date"

In later posts you'll find more details and photos on the "Scott Method of Organizing Your Desk."

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